Hey gang! This is my first solo performance video in 5 years. It’s a mix of original material, classics, and some lesser-known gems by other Cardists. ANYWAY, If you liked the cards in this video, do sign up for the mailing list to get notified as soon as they’re on sale:

Move List:
0:04​ Rubix Opener by Kevin Ho
0:12​ Ventrilo + Quaalude by Tobias Levin
0:20​ Raccoon by Kevin Ho
0:22​ Sick and Twisted Wings of the Mockingbird by Kevin Ho
0:28​ The Ripper by Lee Asher
0:30​ Rocky Raccoon by Kevin Ho
0:32​ Sidewinder by Kevin Ho
0:40​ Baby Steps by Kevin Ho
0:43​ Shake Spin (Creator Unknown)
0:53​ Packet Rolls (Classic)
0:56​ L Cuts by Jerry Cestkowski
0:58​ Spitfire by Franky Morales
1:00​ Molecule 2 Four-Card Production by Dan and Dave Buck
1:04​ Backpalm Loop by Zach Mueller, Chase Duncan & Noel Heath
1:09​ Untitled by D4i
1:14​ Propellerhead by Brendan Conner
1:19​ Alexa by Jeongseon Ahn

Music: “Missione Pericolosa” by Crookram

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