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ArrowDynamix is a pet project that I first came up with in 2015. The idea of taking arrows and putting them on cards so that this ubiquitous symbol could both enhance and inform movements in Cardistry opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and over time the concept has evolved and culminated in the cards you see being used in this video.

Whether you’re stacking them to create specific patterns and displays, using the arrows to act as creative hints in coming up with new moves, or if you’re simply freestyling with the deck and allowing the arrows to generate random instances of apparent chaos, this deck is a tool that belongs in any Cardist’s arsenal.

This trailer was filmed with the help of my friend Kyle Tran, who worked together with two Cardistry world champions – Lars Mayrand and Trevor Aguiar – along with ultra-talented Cardists Matthew Beaudouin and Azlan Valentine to capture all the lovely moves featured in this video. Do give them a follow on social media if you’d like to see more of their work!