*Move list below*

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Move List:
0:12 L Spread by Kurtis Lin
0:15 Osmosis by Daniel Lin
0:23 What the Hell Happened to Pincho by Daniel Lin (inspired by Oliver Sogard)
0:30 OH Triangle Transfer by Daniel Lin
0:32 Boa by Daniel Lin
0:37 Mr. Mime by Daniel Lin (inspired by Duy Nguyen and Jaspas Deck)
0:47 X Dive by Kurtis Lin (inspired by Lee Asher)
0:50 Anotha One by Daniel Lin
0:55 Hover by Daniel Lin (inspired by Thanh Cong Le aka Gaolock)
1:01 Backfire by Daniel Lin
1:04 Clockwork by Kurtis Lin
1:08 Frozen Comet by Kurtis Lin (inspired by Tao)
1:14 Convertybil by Daniel Lin (inpired by Thanh Cong Le aka Gaolock)
1:18 Split by Kurtis Lin (inspired by Garry A)
1:22 Right Turn by Kurtis Lin
1:27 UFO by Daniel Lin (inspired by Jonas Haglund)
1:30 UFO2 by Daniel Lin (inspired by Jonas Haglund & Andrei Jikh)
1:34 Parallax by Daniel Lin
1:50 Dunsmuir by Daniel Lin (inspired by Dimitri Arleri)
1:57 Antigravity Spring Catch by Tao