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Unbeknown to those most outside the magic community, the seemingly insignificant white borders on the back of playing cards have always been considered sacred to the magician. Borders aid in the concealment sleight of hand, especially for close-up magic, and till today are regarded as a necessary feature by most card magicians.

Yet, while Cardistry was first birthed centuries ago from magicians who desired to add some flourishes to their card handling, it in itself contains no magic at all. In fact, while card magic involves the concealment of movement, Cardistry is the very opposite – revolving around the expression and aesthetics of movement and form. In other words, borders often end up obscuring what the Cardist wishes to showcase.

Unfortunately, Cardistry was always regarded as a niche within the niche of magic, and Cardists had to make do with whatever decks they could get in their hands – that is, until Virtuoso came along.

In 2012, the Virtuoso deck made history as the first deck designed for Cardistry. Derived from Cardistry’s core movements and forms, the first Virtuoso deck featured a functional back design – Adaptive Aesthetics – that adapted to visually accentuate every card flourish a Cardist performed.

While it quickly proceeded to become the choice of top cardists around the globe, a single element always dampened its full visual potential – its inclusion of borders. So for the latest Virtuoso deck, we decided to go beyond the existing borders of Cardistry, by literally removing them.

The result is an edge-to-edge back design that not only magnifies each shape for maximum visibility, but also liberates the cards to seamlessly merge with one another to establish new forms. It’s what we consider our boldest and most breathtaking deck of cards to date, and we hope that this video, Liquid Paper, fully expresses that.

Along that same line of seamlessness, Liquid Paper is inspired from films such as “Birdman”, to appear as a single continuous shot from start to end. It also features audio samples Bruce Lee’s iconic “Be like Water” interview, which we feel most aptly expresses Virtuoso’s approach to Cardistry and playing card design.

All in all, we hope Liquid Paper thoroughly satisfies, and allows to you to enjoy and appreciate Cardistry as much as we do. Enjoy.

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Liquid Paper feat. the SS16 Virtuoso Deck

Cardistry by Virtuoso (The Virts):
Huron Low
Kevin Ho
Daren Yeow

Video concept by: Huron Low, Daren Yeow, Kevin Ho, Jeremy Tan, Joshua Tan

Directed by: Huron Low
Edited by: Daren Yeow
Cinematography by: Jeremy Tan
Color Grading by: Jeremy Tan
Wardrobe Styling by: Shu Juang

Music by: Koloto – “Cedar Shed”


Audio samples by: Bruce Lee

Special Thanks to:
Collate the Label: Moses Lim, Velda Tan for blessing us with their studio that made this video possible.

Cardistry and Card flourish move list:
0:02 V Cascade by Daren Yeow
0:18 Siesta by Alejandro Portela (@aleporte)
0:32 Flicker by Huron Low + Rev 2 Twirl by Daren Yeow
0:35 Flicker Shot Behind the Back by Huron Low
0:39 Kryptonite by Dan and Dave Buck (@bucktwins) to Hot Shot Cut by Daryl Easton
0:42 Flicker Shot Behind the Back + Hot Shot combo by Thanh Cong Le (@gaolock2208)
0:49 LePaul Spread by Paul LePaul
0:51 Silver Surfer by Lee Asher
0:53 Reanimation by Daren Yeow
1:01 Top: Lavender Lapdance by Kevin Ho + Hot Shot Cut by Daryl Easton
1:01 Left: Slyce by Sylvester Singh
1:01 Right: 360 Railslide variation by Dan and Dave Buck + Helicopter Throw Cut (classic)
1:10 Thumb Fans (classics)
1:13 Snake Charmer by Kevin Ho
1:18 L Cuts by Jerry Cestkowski + Kryptonite by Dan and Dave Buck
1:22 Muse Cut by Henrik Forberg (@henrikforberg)
1:25 Bloom by Zach Mueller (@zachmonky)
1:36 Left: Anaconda by Bone Ho
1:32 Right: Silicone by Kevin Ho
1:43 Left: Spring (classic)
1:43 Right: Strobe by Daren Yeow
1:49 Left: Acrobatic Diving Board Double by Lee Asher
1:49 Right: Cascade (classic)
1:54 Ascari by Huron Low
2:00 Left: Kryptonite by Dan and Dave Buck to Hot Shot Cut by Daryl Easton
2:00 Right: Sybil by Chris Kenner + Off the Hook by Kevin Ho
2:10 Butterfly Effect by Daren Yeow (credit to Butterfly Shot by Bone Ho)
2:14 Firefly by Huron Low
2:28 Spring Triangle by Andrew Avila (@andrew.j.avila)
2:31 Vault Hunter by Kevin Ho
2:34 Revolver by Kevin Ho
2:50 V Cascade by Daren Yeow
3:05 Giant Waterwheel by Daren Yeow, Huron Low, and Elijah Cai

Liquid Paper feat. the SS16 Virtuoso Deck https://youtu.be/I0KSaqiv5C0