Ever wanted to learn how to spread a deck of cards in your hands like a pro? It’s our honour to offer you an in-depth tutorial and tips on the LePaul Spread from the legendary Dan Buck, who also was the one to take this flourish to the next level by coming up with an S-shaped spread aka the LePaul ‘S’ Spread, released for the first time in Dan and Dave’s Trilogy DVD (Disk 3: Everything Else) back in 2007.

This classic card flourish is actually quite hard, if you’re a beginner. Ironically, the LePaul Spread is taught by many on YouTube, but only a few can do it properly. Granted, there’s no better teacher for this move than Dan.

0:30 Prerequisites for performing the LePaul Spread
0:48 The grip
1:09 Getting down the mechanics
2:00 A tip for practicing
2:15 The LePaul Spread walk-through
2:59 The LePaul ‘S’ Spread tutorial
3:47 Additional tips on the spread
4:07 Slow motion overview of the LePaul ‘S’ Spread

Regardless if you’re a cardist or a magician, this elegant sleight could come handy if you want to break in a new deck, perform a display or spread the cards neatly in your hands for the spectator to make a selection.

Filmed on location during Cardistry-Con 2018 in Hong Kong.
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Instrumental produced by Chuki – http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic