The pioneers of cardistry. Two people who opened our horizons and helped us discover card flourishes and modern card tricks. And essentially inspired us to launch our own project.

After Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong we sat down with the Twins and asked them a few questions that hopefully they’ve never answered before.

1:36 What’s your takeaway from this year’s Cardistry-Con?
2:58 Which Cardistry-Con is your favourite so far?
3:47 When you were young you wanted to become film directors. Do you regret not taking that path now?
5:12 After XCM emerged you basically invented cardistry and made it stand out. How did you manage to do that?
6:02 How cardistry helped you to meet celebrities or people who you were looking up to?
7:16 Your first custom deck of playing cards Smoke and Mirrors was one of the first custom decks released after some ellusionist decks and David Blaine’s deck. Did David inspire you in a way?
8:36 With what’s going on around deck releases now, can we compare the hype and the runs of your Smoke and Mirrors cards back then?
9:25 You predicted the trend for demand of new decks right by coming up with DeckStarter. But why did it flop?
10:23 Right now (at the moment of the interview. Art of Magic was sold to Vanishing Inc. since then) you have Art of Play, Art of Magic and Dan and Dave as three separate outlets, representing different activities. Does it help your clients to have it that way and is it beneficial for your business?
11:36 You added puzzles, toys and amusements to your store a few years ago. How did it help your business evolve and have you managed to bring more spotlight for playing cards and playing cards because of that market niche.
12:58 You transitioned from Dan and Dave, a personality brand, to Art of Play, a brand brand. In business does the brand works better than a personality?
14:16 It’s so often people say they draw inspiration from art, music etc, it’s almost a cliché. What about you? Did something outside of the cardistry world inspired you to create your card flourishes?
15:02 Can you guys maybe recall how you came up with your iconic flourishes, Dan, yours Pandora and Dave, yours Jackson 5?
16:15 Rumour has it, Dan, that you actually came up with a variation rivaling Dave’s Jackson 5 that also includes a Vertigo Hacky Sack (s/o to Kevin Ho for pointing this in one of his livestreams). Is it true?
16:29 Between you two was there any kind of competition in terms of who comes up with more material?
17:03 Dan, when the preqel variations will come out?
17:21 Manfred Shuffle or Truffle Shuffle?
17:45 ellusionist or theory11?
17:52 Antlers or Smoke and Mirrors?
18:06 Best magician of all time?
18:20 Best cardist?
18:34 Is there anything in the future of Cardistry-Con or Buck Twins that you’re really excited about?
19:10 How do you want to be remembered?

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